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A man with a pair of scissors sticking out of his head stunned hospital staff when he walked into A&E and politely asked if they could help him.
Blood-soaked Jonas Acevedo Monroy, 32, nicknamed The Gentleman because of his good manners, had been in his local bar in the city of Chihuahua in north-western Mexico, when he was set upon by a jealous rival. A friend claims: 'Jonas was being charming with everyone in the bar when one of the locals took umbrage. He came over and started trying to wind Jonas up, but when that didn’t work he started getting abusive and aggressive. Jonas offered to buy the man a drink but the guy pulled out a pair of scissors from his jacket and stabbed him in the head.

As green-eyed thug Miguel Angel Rodriguez Armendariz, 30, fled, Monroy was helped to the car by the friend, who drove him to the nearby hospital.
A hospital spokesman said: 'At first we thought it was some sort of joke, but then he fainted and we rushed him into emergency. He had been stabbed in the upper-left side of his skull and the scissors had penetrated his parietal brain lobe. He is lucky to be alive.'