The High Court’s Disunited State - WSJ - Peggy Noonan

"The court’s decision is “an act of will, not legal judgment.” It “omits even a pretense of humility,” instead moving on a desire “to remake society” according to what it calls “new insights.”

» VIDEO: Citizens Don’t Know What Country We Seceded From In 1776 Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!

"Asked what Americans were celebrating on the 4th of July, another woman said that Independence Day was to recognize “the day that we overtook the south….it’s our independence….from the south,” a reference to the civil war which took place almost a hundred years later."

Oregon launches program to tax drivers by the mile | Fox News

"Jeff Allen, of “Drive Oregon,” supports the one and a half cent per mile usage fee -- to a point.
"We need to be subsidizing and incentivizing electric cars and not putting more taxes or fees on them, not discouraging people from buying them in any way," Allen said."

US blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State - Telegraph

"Some of America’s closest allies say President Barack Obama and other Western leaders, including David Cameron, are failing to show strategic leadership over the world’s gravest security crisis for decades."

Scientists stumped by enormous pyramid on dwarf planet Ceres

"Scientists say they’re stumped and surprised by a new discovery on the surface of Ceres, a dwarf planet that lies in the asteroid belt between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Observed by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, new data suggests the space rock is home to several unexplained bright spots, along with a three-mile high pyramid poking out of the protoplanet’s surface."

OK, now it's getting weird...ed

This could be the first airplane on Mars - CNET

"The proposed Prandtl-m aircraft is a relatively dainty flying-wing-style plane. The prototype will be based on the existing Prandtl-d, a radio-controlled glider designed and built by aerospace engineering students during a NASA internship in 2012 and 2013."

The Left's Deluded Identity Politics | National Review Online

"The Left’s identity-politics game is a bit like the welfare states of Europe, which exist solely by living off borrowed capital and unrequited generosity. Europeans can only have their lavish entitlements because they benefit from our military might and our technological innovation. Left to their own devices, they’d have to live quite differently."

Texas Liberals Sign Petition to Remove 'Racist' George Washington Statue -

"Given the fact that America’s Commander-in-Chief during the revolutionary war against the British and first President George Washington owned slaves his entire life and only emancipated them after his death, would UT students also support a move to wipe Washington from the pages of history? The answer is yes, many of them would."

VIDEO: NASA cuts live video transmission as THREE UFOs fly past Earth | Tech | Life & Style | Daily Express

"The video – which is reportedly shot from the International Space Station – shows three unidentified flying objects blast out of Earth’s atmosphere. The lights leave our planet seconds before the live video feed is cut by NASA due to a reported “loss of signal”.

Supreme Court rules against EPA on power plant regs | Fox News

"In a major win for the energy industry, the Supreme Court ruled Monday against the Environmental Protection Agency's effort to limit certain power plant emissions -- saying the agency "unreasonably" failed to consider the cost of the regulations."

Five myths about why the South seceded - The Washington Post

"Confederate states did claim the right to secede, but no state claimed to be seceding for that right. In fact, Confederates opposed states’ rights — that is, the right of Northern states not to support slavery."

Report: Wait lists for vets even longer today than last year | Fox News

"The number of veterans seeking health care but ending up on waiting lists of one month or more is 50 percent higher now than it was a year ago when a scandal over false records and long wait times wracked the Department of Veterans Affairs, The New York Times reported."

Company that got millions from US taxpayers now profits Chinese owners | Fox News

"The bad news is taxpayers don't figure to see any of the $133 million the federal government spent and the estimated $141 million in tax credits and subsidies secured from Michigan to help the company take off in 2009, only to see A123 Systems crash, declare bankruptcy in 2012 and then get purchased by a privately held Chinese conglomerate."

Council approves plan to borrow $1.1 billion | Watch the video - Yahoo News

"The Chicago City Council voted Wednesday to support the mayor's plan to borrow $1.1 billion, despite the city's poor credit rating."

Group Claims New Study Proves It’s a ‘Myth’ That Guns Are Used for Self-Defense — but Expert Finds ‘Serious’ Flaws |

 “This discussion also completely ignores the times that a defensive gun use stopped a victim from being harmed even when the criminal wasn’t killed,” Lott explained. “By any measure, less than one percent of defensive gun uses result in the criminal attacker being killed or wounded. This claim completely ignores all those benefits and assumes that they are zero.”

University of California staff warned against describing America as 'land of opportunity' and a 'melting pot' for fear of offending minorities | Daily Mail Online

"Professors are being trained not to use the terms because they are forms of unintended discrimination known as 'micro-aggressions'
  • The seminars are part of the university's aim of 'inclusive excellence'
  • But a former professor says staff are now worrying about what they say and even avoiding talking to others"
  • 'Marijuana cannon' used to fire drugs over US border seized in Mexico | World news | The Guardian

    "Police in the border city of Mexicali say they have recovered a powerful improvised cannon used to hurl packets of marijuana across a border fence into California."

    Artificial vs Natural Watermelon & Sweetcorn | James Kennedy

    "The watermelon, delicious as it is, has increased from 50 mm to 660 mm in diameter, which represents a 1680-fold increase in volume. While ancient “wild watermelons” weighed no more than 80 grams, modern watermelons can range from 2 kg to 8 kg in the supermarket, while the Guiness World Record for the heaviest watermelon recorded exceeded 121 kilograms in the year 2000. Thousands of years of human-induced evolution have worked miracles on these fruits. Let’s not forget that they’re completely artificial."

    Putting America’s ridiculously large $17 trillion economy into perspective by comparing US state GDPs to entire countries - AEI | Carpe Diem Blog » AEIdeas

    "It’s pretty amazing how ridiculously large the US economy is, and the map above helps put America’s GDP of $16.8 trillion in 2013 (and more than $17 trillion in Q4 2013 and Q1 in 2014) into perspective by comparing the GDP of US states to other country’s entire national GDP."