US, Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft - Yahoo News

"COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (AP) — Two F-22 fighter jets intercepted six Russian military airplanes that neared the western coast of Alaska, military officials said Friday."

Colorado Rejects Jailing Illegals for

"Colorado is now the first state in the union whose complete roster of county jailers has individually rejected retainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Due to pressure brought by the ACLU, no more immigrants will be held in the jails until federal agents make a decision as to whether the immigrants will be jailed for possible immigration violations.

Mark Silverstein, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, cheered, "All sheriffs have agreed that they don't have the ability to deprive people of liberty, even for a few days, because they are suspected of being here illegally."

City ID cards for undocumented immigrants will include free memberships to cultural institutions

"The city's new ID cards will do more than just give undocumented immigrants identification — they’ll grant free memberships to top cultural institutions, from Carnegie Hall to the Bronx Zoo."

Syrian not as much of a threat with the machine gun as we feared

H/T The Weapons Blog

New device in the works to catch texting drivers | |

"The technology works by detecting the telltale radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is using a cellphone, said Malcolm McIntyre of ComSonics."

Auditions begin for marijuana-based reality show

"About 200 people came out to audition for a new web reality show in Denver Saturday."

Dramatic video shows SOLAR FLARE

"'Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth's atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground,' NASA said. 'However -- when intense enough -- they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel."

There are Now 52 Explanations for "Pause" in Global Warming

The Daily Caller

California state senator gets jail time in voter fraud case - Yahoo News

"LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A California state senator convicted on eight felony counts of perjury and voter fraud was sentenced to 90 days in jail on Friday in one of three ethics scandals involving Democratic lawmakers in the most populous U.S. state."

ISIS Plans To Invade United States Through Mexico, But Drug Cartels Could Fight Back

"There could be major problems if ISIS planned to invade the United States through Mexico. U.S. officials say that the Mexican drug cartels controlling the region are defensive of their turf.."

So our best line of border defense is drug least someone takes the problem seriously...ed

VIDEO: Boater Catches Explosive Volcanic Eruption, Startling Sonic Boom on Camera -

"Mount Tavurvur, a volcano in Papua New Guinea, erupted on Aug. 29, spewing ash and causing a shock wave and resultant sonic boom."

Republicans Expand Edge as Better Party Against Terrorism

"At this point, 55% of Americans choose the GOP on this dimension, while 32% choose the Democratic Party. This is the widest Republican advantage in Gallup's history of asking this question since 2002."

Five things that could go horribly wrong with Obama's action in Iraq |

"If there's one thing America's misadventure in Iraq from 2003 to 2011 taught everyone, it is that things can go terribly wrong when the U.S. intervenes in a foreign environment with deep sectarian divisions, an ineffectual government, armed factions, and the general complexities of the Middle East."

Scientists: 'Extreme' solar storm heading to Earth

"There's been a giant magnetic explosion on the sun," Berger said. "Because it's pointed right at us, we'll at least catch some of the cloud" of highly energized and magnetized plasma that can disrupt Earth's magnetic sphere, which sometimes leads to temporary power grid problems."

Crying wife drove Dem DA to hunt Scott Walker and conservative allies

"A Democratic district attorney who has pursued Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker over alleged campaign finance violations told a fellow prosecutor that his crying wife, a union official, drove him to hunt the governor and his conservative allies because of his anti-union laws feared by organized labor."

CO Democrat Udall: Beheaded Journalists Would Agree with Me On ISIS

“I can tell you,” Udall proclaimed, “Steve Sotloff and James Foley would tell us, don’t be impulsive. Horrible and barbarous as those executions were, don’t be impulsive, come up with a plan.”

The World Needs a Clarion-Peggy Noonan-WSJ

"What is extraordinary in this moment of high, many-fronted peril is that the president's true views and plans are not only unclear to the world but a mystery to his countrymen."

BUSTED: Obama Gets Caught Spinning His Most Embarrassing Statement About ISIS - Yahoo Finance

"At least one prominent fact-checking organization is calling out President Barack Obama for falsely claiming he "wasn't specifically referring to" Islamic State militants when he dismissed them as a "JV" team."

Over 100 teens swarm Memphis plaza, 'knocking out' shoppers

"MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) – CBS affiliate WREG reported that three people
are now recovering after a mob of teenagers ran through a busy shopping
plaza, seemingly picking out customers and Kroger employees at random to

The Insiders: Voters blame Obama for country being off-track

"According to the latest George Washington University Battleground poll, 70 percent of voters think that things in the United States have gotten off on the wrong track and that the country is headed in the wrong direction. It stands to reason that as a result, many Americans will vote against the Democrats. Fair or not, the way to vote against the status quo is to vote against the president’s party."