Isis an hour away from Baghdad - with no sign of Iraq army being able to make a successful counter-attack

"What is striking about the loss of Saqlawiya is that during a siege lasting a week the Iraqi army was unable to help a garrison only 40 miles west of Baghdad. "

Photos: Inside D.C.'s First Shipping Container Apartments: DCist

Supreme Court rules to put off start of early voting in Ohio | Fox News

"The court's five conservatives, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, voted to grant Ohio's request.

The four liberals, Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, would have let early voting begin on Tuesday."

The odds of Republicans winning the Senate are growing - The Washington Post

"All three major election forecasting models saw an uptick in the likelihood of Republicans winning the six seats they need to retake the Senate majority over the past week, movement largely due to the party's strengthened chances in Alaska, Colorado and Iowa."

New York scientists unveil 'invisibility cloak' to rival Harry Potter's

"The so-called Rochester Cloak is not really a tangible cloak at all. Rather the device looks like equipment used by an optometrist. When an object is placed behind the layered lenses it seems to disappear."

Fact-Checking Feinstein on Assault Weapons | RealClearPolicy

"Increased temperatures on America's West Coast are not a result of human-caused climate change, but rather naturally occurring wind changes according to a new study."

Meet The Activists Trying To Destroy Rush Limbaugh | The Daily Caller

"Information compiled by Limbaugh’s team — and first provided to The Daily Caller — demonstrates that nearly 70 percent of the tweets targeting Limbaugh’s advertisers come from the same ten Twitter users, all of whom are actively involved in the “Stop Rush” campaign, which keeps a database of all of Limbaugh’s advertisers."

Fight for Senate Control Down to Five States | Rothenblog

"With six weeks to go, the fight for control of the Senate is down to five states, four of them currently held by Democrats.

Republicans must win only two of those contests to guarantee the 51 seats they need to control the Senate for the last two years of Barack Obama’s presidency."

Poll: President Obama hits bottom in New York - Kendall Breitman -

"The Marist College poll found that 39 percent of the largely Democratic state’s residents think the president is doing an “excellent” or “good” job, the lowest percentage since Obama took office in 2009."

Changing wind patterns are causing temps to rise on west coast

"Increased temperatures on America's West Coast are not a result of human-caused climate change, but rather naturally occurring wind changes according to a new study."

Legalized marijuana draws homeless Texans to Colorado

"Colorado is seeing a significant increase in the number of homeless people arriving from Texas and the head of two homeless shelters said a big reason for the increase is homeless people wanting to smoke pot."

Investigators: China Floods U.S. With Near-Perfect Fake Driver’s Licenses - CBS Chicago

"They are incredible fakes. Smuggled into this country by high-tech forgery rings that have mastered the details so well, they could lead to critical security threats. Each license costs about $150."

SEE IT: RFK Jr. gets testy with reporter during Climate March

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr. got testy during Sunday's Climate March in New York when confronted by a reporter about his own carbon footprint."

Watch This Crazy Drone With Arms Fly and Turn a Wheel in Mid-Air

"Sure, drones can take videos of Martha Stewart’s farm and maybe even save the environment. But… can they unscrew a bottle cap? Play Twister? Spin a dreidel? Do anything that involves having arms? Well, now we have a drone with arms—that can fly and turn a valve wheel mid-air."

US, Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft - Yahoo News

"COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado (AP) — Two F-22 fighter jets intercepted six Russian military airplanes that neared the western coast of Alaska, military officials said Friday."

Colorado Rejects Jailing Illegals for

"Colorado is now the first state in the union whose complete roster of county jailers has individually rejected retainer requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Due to pressure brought by the ACLU, no more immigrants will be held in the jails until federal agents make a decision as to whether the immigrants will be jailed for possible immigration violations.

Mark Silverstein, legal director for the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado, cheered, "All sheriffs have agreed that they don't have the ability to deprive people of liberty, even for a few days, because they are suspected of being here illegally."

City ID cards for undocumented immigrants will include free memberships to cultural institutions

"The city's new ID cards will do more than just give undocumented immigrants identification — they’ll grant free memberships to top cultural institutions, from Carnegie Hall to the Bronx Zoo."

Syrian not as much of a threat with the machine gun as we feared

H/T The Weapons Blog

New device in the works to catch texting drivers | |

"The technology works by detecting the telltale radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is using a cellphone, said Malcolm McIntyre of ComSonics."

Auditions begin for marijuana-based reality show

"About 200 people came out to audition for a new web reality show in Denver Saturday."